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Distance Education Policy

The library promotes the use of its resources by students in the distance education classes provided by the College.  Resources are made available through the Internet via the link to the library on the college webpage, or direct access to the library homepage, Students enrolled in distance learning courses can access the library via the Internet.  Students are introduced to the library in a mandatory on-campus student orientation session held at the beginning of the term.  As is outlined in the Distance Education Policy Manual, instructors are required to orient students with the library and electronic access to its resources at those orientation sessions.  A link to the library is included in the learning management system setup for each class. Through this link, students have access to the online catalog and the Contact Us features of the library.  Holdings of the library are available via the SirsiDynix Symphony library management system.  This database is searchable by all library patrons via the Internet and/or within each library facility and for distance education students at home or anywhere they have internet or wi-fi access.  As noted earlier with extended site students, the databases of the Alabama Virtual Library and additional electronic databases and eBooks can be accessed through a proxy server are available to distance education students as well. 

The following policies apply to all distance education students:

  1. Transaction between distance education students and the College library can be done using email, telephone, or “Contact” link on the library’s webpage.
  2. All distance education students are required to have a student id/library card.
  3. Distance education students may check-out up to two books at a time.
  4. Distance education students can be set-up in the library management system via telephone or email request.  Verification of enrollment is done by checking the distance education student’s name with current semester registration list provided by the director of MIS.
  5. Books and materials are mailed to the home address on file attached to the students registration information only.  Funds for mailing books and materials are provided by the office of the dean of instruction.
  6. The loan period for distance education students is ten days including weekends. 
  7. Distance education students may go online and renew their books for an additional ten days, including weekends, one time only.
  8. Distance Education students are provided a pre-paid return envelop or freight label.  Funds for pre-paid return envelopes or freight labels for library materials are provided by the office of the dean of instruction.
  9. The fine assessment for distance education students is $.50 per day per item everyday that item is overdue.
  10. The maximum overdue fine accrued by a distance education student per book is $20.
  11. Lost books are accessed to distance education students at replacement cost for the book plus a $10 service fee. Library fines stop accruing once a book or materials have been reported lost or stolen to the head librarian.