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Library Policies

Loan Procedures and Services

All students must present a valid Trenholm Library Card in order to check out books from the library. All circulating books are loaned on a two-week basis with renewal privileges. Students may have a maximum of ten (10) books checked out at one time unless special permission is given by a member of the library staff. A receipt is printed with the date the book is to be returned. All books are to be returned to the library and deposited in the book return slot which is located at the Circulation Desk or given to the staff member at the Circulation Desk. Overdue items accrue fines at the rate of twenty-five cents (25¢) per item, per day with the exception of weekend and official school holidays. Students who have not cleared their library obligations will have a Registrar's hold placed on their college record, prohibiting them from registering for classes and/or having transcripts. In addition, transcripts cannot be issued until fines are paid and library materials are returned.

Lost Materials

If any learning materials are declared lost before or after the due date, the borrower is to be charged the current replacement cost plus a non-refundable $10.00 service charge per lost item to cover the administrative cost of replacement. The same charges apply to materials returned damaged beyond repair. For material returned damaged but repairable, the repair charge will not exceed the original cost of the material.

Library Services

Self-service photocopy machines are available in the library. Copies are ten cents each. All computer copies are ten cents each and are printed at the circulation desk or the Go-Print Station. A limited amount of change is also available at the circulation desk if needed for the photocopy machines. No bills larger than $5.00 will be accepted. The library also offers free local faxing. Laminating services are available at a nominal cost.