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Laptop Check-Out Policy


Laptop Check-Out Policy

1.         Only currently enrolled students with a valid Trenholm State Community College Library Card/ID may check-out a laptop.

2.         Students will be responsible for all fines and damages associated with the laptop.  Fines will be collected by the library and damages will be collected by the college’s cashier and/or business office. DAMAGES will be accessed by the IT department.

3.         Unless otherwise agreed to; the duration for check-out of a laptop is for one semester.  A semester is determined by the official college calendar and shall begin at the start date of the semester and end on the last day of the semester after completion of the final examinations.

4.         Fines for overdue laptops will accrue at a rate of $5.00 per day, excluding weekends, breaks, holidays or when the library is closed.  Fines will resume on the first day of the following semester and shall exclude weekends.  Fines for laptops will not exceed $100.

5.         Once a fine reaches $100, the laptop is deemed missing/lost and the replacement cost of $780.00 for the laptop will be charged to the student’s account by the library staff and/or business office. 

6.         Damages to laptops will be assessed by the IT department at Trenholm State Community College and reported to the student accounts office.

7.         Students will be notified of the damaged/missing/lost laptop and the replacement charge on their account via email to their Trenholm State Community College email and/or through written letter sent the address on file to the student.

8.         Student affirms that the laptop will be used for college related work only. Any use other than college-related work is expressly forbidden.  The college is not responsible for any illegal activity or misuse, including but not limited to cyber bullying, harassment, terrorist activities, etc.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the information contained in this document, and that I will use the college loaned laptop for work related to my college courses.


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